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Guilty for playing the blues

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Beiztegui (SPAIN)
"Wood Session"
Room 101 Records - 2020


Fernando Beiztegui - guitar, vocals
Manuel Moreno - harmonica 
Nono Mellado - harmonica

: 01.Its Hurt To Live Kneeling Down Before This Scum 02:58 02.Dog & Cat Blues 02:34 03.Heavy Load 03:03 04.War Trumpets 02:40 05.Quarantine Rag 01:47 06.Hot Stew Blues 02:48 07.These Old Bones Keep Rolling And Fighting 02:37 08.Low Cost Working Man 03:00 09.Song For Adriana 03:23
10.The Last Goodbye 02:43

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Guilty for playing blues. Fernando Beiztegui, originally from southern spanish city of Granada, (a pioneering blues city in the country with bands like The Blues Band of Granada in the mid-80s), he's a veteran and passionate blues guitarist who began his career in the early 90s with his first band called Malayerba Blues Band. Since then he has been in the front line of the spanish bluesand becomed one of the most reputable guitarists in the circuit, owner of a tonality and vocal style that takes you to the good times of an inspired Omar Dykes. For this solo album, Beiztegui relaxes the intensity and is only joined by his acoustic guitar and his voice, to move us to the deep Delta with 10 originals of impeccable execution and great sensations, letting himself be heard a couple of whispering harmonicas  in a couple of songs. "Wood Session" is a highly inspirational work, recorded in the artist's house during quarantine, making it a necessary blues album.


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