Born with the Blues

Cover Bea B and The Axxmann Born With Th


Bea Bahr - vocals
Matt “The Axxmann” MacDermaid - guitar
+ guests:
Rick Beardsley - bass, vocals
Marc Friedman - drums, percussion
Eric Kot - sax
Jimmy Henterly - keyboards
Bruce Fisk - keyboards
Robert John Manzitti - keyboards
San Murphy - strings
Amy Heard, Leeann Akers, David Holmes, Gary Rydell - background vocals

Produced by: Bruce Fisk y Matt MacDemaid


01 Hush Y'all 5:42
02 Born With The Blues 4:41
03 I Will Always Love You 3:36
04 Hole In The Floor 4:51
05 Flint City Blues 4:29
06 Crying In My Sleep 4:44
07 New Pair Of Shoes 4:27
08 People Get Ready 3:06

Bea B and The Axxmann

2014 Reeditioin

Bea B and the Axxmann (USA)
"Born With the Blues"
M Mac Blue Records - 2019

(2014 Reeditioin)

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Full Album - 8 Tracks -


"Born With The Blues" was released in 2014 as Bea Bhar (Bea B.) and Matt "Axxemann" MacDermaid's first album, after their meeting in 2012 when they decided to work together and capture the feelings in the recording studio. Now, five years later, it's put back into circulation and is a new occasion to enjoy a magnificent blues album, a new opportunity to discover a select singer and put in the place that corresponds to an experienced guitarist. It 's a great recording.