Texas Breakers !



01 I've Got the Key 4:11
02 The Way It Should Be 3:32
03 Spinning out of Control 4:17
04 If These Walls Could Talk 4:01
05 The Waiting Time 4:21
06 Back to the City 3:52
07 Your Love Has Turned My Heart to Bitterness 3:07
08 Hard up & Lonely 2:48
09 Funky Ham & Eggs 3:39
10 There Will Be No Show 5:32

Bastards Of Soul (USA)
Eastwood Music Group  EMG-003

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Chadwick Murray - vocals
Danny Balis - bass
Matt Trimble - drums
Chad Stockslager - keyboards
Chris Holt - guitar
Eugene Cantera - sax
Alcedrick Todd - trumpet

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"Spinning Out Of Control"

"The Waiting Time"


A sunshine for the soul. From Dallas (TX) Bastards Of Soul are the perfect band to warm up any lost soul. Vocalist Chadwick Murray is in front of a colossal group of musicians who revitalize the classic southern soul to make it sound so original and modern that surprise any music fan of Otis Reding and the entire Stax family. Murray becomes a thunderous singer and the band a lightning with unbridled rhythm, to continue with the sweetest ballad that the senses can imagine. The soul music is back as cool as ever.

(Rehearsal 02.03.20)

(Official Video Promo)