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Bad Temper Joe & Fernant Zeste

(Introspective Blues)


Bad Temper Joe - vocals, lap steel & slide guitars

Fernant Zeste - vocals, guitars, percussion


Cover Bad Temper Joe & fernand Zeste - H

Bad Temper Joe & Fernant Zeste (Germany/Belgium)
Timezone TZ1817 - 2019

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01 Don't Talk About Break-Up (While I Eat) 2:56
02 Winterblues at #5 (Or Maybe Not) 5:31

03 Battle Cry Blues 4:42
04 Fannie Mae 3:24
05 Minstrel's Lament 3:53

06 Little Rain 5:05
07 Black 4:22

08 Lullaby 3:26
09 Shut Your Mouth 4:03
10 Nova (Nothing to Say) 3:55

11 Been a While Since We've Talked 6:26
12 All Is Fine Now 4:17

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B A D   T E M P E R   J O E   P R E V I O U S   S O L O   A L B U M S

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F E R N A N T    Z E S T E    P R E V I O U S    S O L O    A L B U M S 

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Bad Temper Joe from Germany and Fernant Zeste from Belgium are two extraordinary guitar players with several years of experience behind them. BTJ recorded his first album in 2014 and to date he has released eight more albums, the last one "The Maddest Of Them All" in February of last year. Meanwhile, Fernant Zeste (his real name is Jonathan Scheerlinck) began his career a few years earlier, in 2011, the date of his first album. Since then four more titles have happened, being "Rostock" his last work published only one month ago, in December 2019. Both met in 2016 and quickly emerged the seed of this first recording together. "Haunt" is an artwork in his entirety. With only the two guitars, their vocal parts and a touch of percussion, build twelve songs - composed half by each one - with personal and introspective lyrics that emerge between the chords and notes that these two musicians are constantly creating and the ones you get hooked on. It's nude music played with the soul, natural blues for the 21st century.