Asamu Johnson

Cover Asamu Johnson - Bow Legs And Big F

Asamu Johnson
"Bow Legs and Big Feet"
Self Released - 2020

Asamu Johnson - vocals, bass
Curtis Woods - guitar, vocals
Eddie Sash - guitar
Adam (Daddy Mack) McMillan - keyboards
De Washington - drums

01 Turnips and Greens 04:03
02 Rocking Chair 05:34
03 Bow Legs and Big Feet 05:36
04 I Feel Good 04:58
05 Play, Eddie, Play 05:29
06 Baby, Baby 05:19
07 Truck Driver 04:32
08 People People 05:18

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In the second line but keeping the blues alive better than anyone, from Grand Rapids (MI), bassist Asamu Johnson has just released his third album since 2011, when he debuted with the magnificent "Got To Go". Titled "Bow Legs And Big Feet"t and together with his competent band, they shapes eight pure Chicago Blues songs, with incisive guitars and a fast-paced rhythmic section. It's possible that this album goes unnoticed, but if you pay attention it will make you enjoy like never before.


Keeping The Blues Alive


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