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anov blues one

a    s    i    a    n         l    i    n    k 

Cover Anov Blues One - Main Sendiri.jpg

Anov Blues One (Indonesia)
"Main Sendiri"
Demajors - 2020

Anov Blues One - Main Sendiri
00:00 / 31:11

Release date: November 11, 2020


01 Intro 1:09
02 Sampai Kesana 3:16
03 Itu Itu Saja 2:37
04 Untuk Mu 3:23
05 Yeah One Love 2:04
06 All Right 2:34
07 Hanya Satu 3:50
08 Tahu & Tempe 3:08
09 Lugaje 3:02
10 Blues Suka Suka 3:22
11 Botol (Bonus Track) 2:46

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Jakarta has the blues. Thousands of islands spread out in the sea between Southeast Asia and Australia are not enough to hide a few pioneers in love with blues music. It's not easy from this corner of the planet to find musicians who reproduce the music of the Mississippi Delta, who build their own guitars with any domestic elements at their disposal and slide the bottleneck between one, two or three electric strings. Anov Ardianov has been playing on and off since the early 2000s, playing blues for whoever wants to listen to him without caring too much how many people give him the attention he deserves. In 2016 from the capital of the country, he founded his project that  called Anov Blues One, based on his generosity with guitars and his devotion to the blues. His music, far from any virtuisismo, transmits interpretative lucidity with syncopated riffs topped by an intense slide always at its right point of measure. It is not an exotic product, it has intensity and credibility, the listening puts it at a level that few of us expected.


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