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Blues Diva

Angela Brown

01. St James Infirmary (Live) 7:39
02. Jailhouse Blues (Live) 4:23
03. C.C.Rider (Live) 4:57
04. Ball And Chain (Live) 8:13
05. You Didn't Want What You Had (Live) 4:18
06. Rock Me (Live) 4:49
07. Sunday Kind Of Love (Live) 6:26
08. I Don't Want Maybe (Live) 5:10
09. Deja Vu (Live) 3:24
10. Backwater Blues (Live)12:14
11. So Long Ago (Live) 7:04
12. Black Drawers (Live) 7:32

Cover Angela Brown Just Furious Live In

Angela Brown  (USA)
"Just Fabulous Live In Concert"
Blues Archive - 2020

Release date: August 1, 2020

Angela Brown - Just Fabulous Live In Con
00:00 / 1:16:14
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Chicago born blues diva Angela Brown does not occupy the place she undoubtedly deserves among the best contemporary female blues singers. This woman, who as a younger was under the heat of Willie Dixon, began her career at the beginning of the 80's singing gospel and blues music, showing her powerful voice and her forceful presence on stage as well as sharing stages with the best bluesmen in the city . After several stays in Europe, Brown acquired the service of the British blues band The Mighty 45s and ended up settling in Germany. By her own, she have released six albums and have performed all over the world leaving a mark on whatever stage she has stepped on. "Just Fabulous Live In Concert" recovers one of her 1997's concerts in England, where she shines like a true star in the firmament of blues music. She's not just another female blues singer, she 's one of the best.


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