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Henrik Freischlader Band (Germany)
"Missing Pieces"
Cable Car Records CCR 0311-54 - 2020

Henrik Freischlader - guitar, vocals
Armin Alic - bass
Moritz Meinschäfer - drums
Roman Babik - keyboards
Marco Zügner - sax

Release date: December 4, 2020

Cover Henrik Freischlader Band - Missing


01 Opening    4:03
02 New Beginning    7:40
03 Power To The Peaceful 3:39
04 Let The People Be Free    4:19
05 Another Missing Piece 4:27
06 Justice Blues     6:08
07 It Ain't Funky 4:06
08 I Wanna Thank You    5:33
09 What Have I Done To You? 6:05
10 Grown Up 5:32
11 One And One Is One    4:48
12 We Used To Be Happy 8:15
13 Walking In The Shadows Of The Spotlight    3:45

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p  r  e  v  i  o  u  s     r  e  l  e  a  s  e  s

Polystylist, multi-instrumentalist, singer, composer and producer, the German musician, born in 1982, Henrik Freischlader began his professional career in 2004 and two years later he recorded his first album called "The Blues", quite an explicit statement. If you open his suitcase you will find silhouettes of jazz, soul, pop and rock'n'roll but always under the sieve that his devotion to blues music hides in every corner of each of his notes. Behind his band, extraordinary musicians emerge and among all of them illuminate compositions that are sometimes deep and others that are as exquisite and kind as they are unpredictable. Under his own label, Cable Car Records, he has released fifteen albums, five recorded live, all of them of great commitence and full of creativity and lucidity. A musician with capital letters.