he's the funk


Biscuit Miller - bass, lead Vocals
Doctor Love - drums, backing vocals
Bobby B Wilson - guitar, backing vocals
Alex 'Southside' Smith - guitar, backing vocals


Selected Songs 

- 5 Tracks -


01. Here Kitty Kitty 4:40
02. 609 4:37
03. Lonely Road 4:28
04. Two Legged Dog 3:39
05. Chicken Grease 3:50
06. Watching You 5:35
07. Take a Ride 3:54
08. Southern Woman 4:19
09. Creeping 6:20
10. Get Ready 4:31

Biscuit Miller & The Mix (USA)
"Chicken Grease"
American Showplace - 2019

Cover Biscuit Miller and The Mix Chicken

P  R  E  V  I  O  U  S     A  L  B  U  M  S

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Cover Biscuit Miller and The Mix Chicken


Biscuit Miller (David Miller) was born on the Chicago south side in december of 1961, in his teens he discovered the bass as the instrument he will play throughout his career. His biography dates back to the late 1980s when he joined the Sonny Rogers band, also played for George "Mojo" Bufford and continued for years as a full member of the Lonnie Brooks Blues Band. In 2000 he formed his own band, starting a solo career as solid as long-lived, since then he has recorded four albums, all of them exponents of the most modern and incendiary funk blues on the planet and won the 2012 and 2017 BMA as best instrumentalist / bass player. His style is blunt and direct, rhythm chords with clear and incisive licks that shape these ten original songs, that are pure funk for fun.