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O P E N   T H I S   D O O R 

Self Released 2023

Release date: October 13, 2023



the debut album of the band Blue Door Records

led by the intuition of Michael Mollo

Michael Mollo.jpg

who has joined the following musicians in the studio:

Bob Bernstein.webp

Bob Bernstein
Pedal Steel Guitar

Vincenzo De La Rosa.webp

Vincenzo De La Rosa

Jerry Decker.webp

Jerry Decker

Mike Windish.webp

Mike Windish

John Grecia.webp

John Grecia

James McLaughlin.webp

James McLaughli 
Hammond Organ

Itamar Ben Zimra.webp

Itamar Ben Zimra

Eilish Wilson.webp

Eilish Wilson
Baritone Saxophone

Larry Alvarez.webp

Larry Alvarez
Baritone Saxophone

Amanda Campos.webp

Amanda Campos
Alto Saxophone

Lisa Liz.webp

Lisa Liz

Richard Velzen.webp

Richard Velzen

Levy Barley.webp

Levy Barley

Mark Trejo.webp

Mark Trejo

Joel Schnaper.webp

Joel Schnaper

Osi Atikpoh.webp

Osi Atikpoh

Katt Newlon.webp

Katt Newlon

Ben Hoyt.webp

Ben Hoyt

Zoey Jaffa.webp

Zoey Jaffa

Jerome Kurtenbach.webp

Jerome Kurtenbach

Hezekiah Laronda.jpg

Hezekiah Laronda

RosieMarie Mollo.webp

RosieMarie Mollo

Xavier Mollo.webp

Xavier Mollo

Nancy Murphy.webp

Nancy Murphy

all playing the following songs:

01 Born to Ramble 05:36   02 Susquehanna 03:40   03 Big Parade 03:09   04 Spend Your Life 05:25   05 Strange Creatures 03:52   06 Open Your Heart 05:24   07 Love in Our Family 03:51   08 Livin in the Upside Down 05:24   09 Time Time Time 04:05

Listen to samples

“For when that Devil comes a calling, I won’t play hard to get”

blue door records 2.jpg
blue door records 1.jpg

In his words was born in the mountains of Pennsylvania, keyboardist Michael Mollo is the prototype of a restless musician, a true creator. Based in Santa Monica, California, he has developed his entire professional career as a composer and songwriter, focused on composing soundtracks for dozens of films, commercials, game scores and TV productions, all starting from Velvet Green Music label. As a keyboardist and singer he is part of Natural Dead, an acoustic tribute to the Californian band Gateful Dead, as 8-bit Fish he carries out an immersion through synthetization in the music of the band Phish whom he adores, having synthesized the six albums released by the band between 1989 and 1995. Without prior notice Michael Mollo has invented the super band Blue Door Records and with a cast of twenty-four extraordinary instrumental musicians - guitars, bass, keyboards, horns, strings and six singers - with whom he has released a debut album that requires several listens to discover and be surprised by everything it hides. Nothing seemed to suspect that this musician would have a hidden side that until now was unknown: his connection with blues, R & B and rock'n'roll. And this self-titled album is his surrender to all of us, an explosion of disinhibition and crushing rhythms in connection with the most genuine black roots music. Nothing is left to chance in a production that maximizes every detail and solemnly fits an orchestra of extraordinary musicians. This guy has come out without warning with an album that is as solid as it is surprisingly rigorous.

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