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Koda "Young Corn" Shintato  tenor sax, backing vocals


Aoki Keita
baritone sax, flute, backing vocals

Shuji Sato
guitar, backing vocals

Anthony Farrell - keyboards
Mike Sailors - trumpet
Tanaka Michiaki - percussion



Kiminori Oozawa
drums, backing vocals

Masanori Hattori
bass, strings, backing vocals

Tracklist:  01 Mailman's Sack 02:12  02 I Don't Need You No More 03:00  03 Undercover Of The Night 03:55  04 Dinah 02:49
05 Good Morning 06:05  06 Somebody Else's Man 04:21  07 Oh Baby 03:55  08 Country Girl 02:43  09 Johnny Taylor Medley 07:49  10 Sit Down Baby 03:04  11 Let's Love In The Moonlight 03:14  12 Thank You Granddad 04:22

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The album was recorded at Wire Recording Studio, Austin (TX) and produced by Koda Shintato

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Life cool in Japan. Led by tenor sax player Koda "Young Corn" Shintato, formed in Tokyo in 1998, Bloodest Saxophone have been playing wild jazz, swing, bop and R&B for the last twenty-five years wherever they've been allowed to plug in the microphones. Celebrated are the cries that come from their ferocious performances in Japan where they are truly revered by hot music addicts. In 2012 the band toured Japan with honky-tonk legend Big Jay McNeely, shows that were recorded and released on the 2016 album "Live In Japan". A couple of years earlier, Bloodest Saxophone had recorded the album "Roller Coasted Boogie" with another legend of jazz music, the singer Jewell Brown who had been part of Louis Armstrong's orchestra. In 2017 they recorded again, now in the studio, with McNeely, releasing the album "Blow Blow All Night Long" . Their two albums that had the most international diffusion and recognition were those that were recorded in Austin (TX), which included renowned soul and blues singers such as Diunna Greenleaf, Angela Miller, Lauren Cervantes, Jai Malano and Crystal Thomas and were released as "Bloodest Saxophone feat Texas Blues Ladies" (2018) and the magnificent "Texas Queens 5" (2019). The Japanese band has reappeared this year with the album "Extreme Heat" starring Crystal Thomas on vocals and the band reaching a peak in their career, we find Thomas in impeccable shape and a band hotter than ever. The sax is the protagonist of these twelve songs in which swing and R&B cannot be stopped, An explosive cocktail that will explode in your ears if you do not take the proper precautions.



F  U  L  L     D  I  S  C  O  G  R  A  P  H  Y 

bloodest saxophone 8.webp
bloodest saxophone 8.webp
bloodest saxophone 8.webp
bloodest saxophone 8_edited.png
bloodest saxophone 8_edited.png
bloodest saxophone 8_edited.png

“Jump Blues and Swing Jazz bring out the soul of the tenor saxophone, especially when jumpin’’ (KS)

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