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bino blues band

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Barly Records - 2021 /  Encore Music

Release date: July 23, 2021




covering them

Bino Blues Band - Blues Cream
00:00 / 39:27

T h e   i n s p i r a t i o n

bino blues band Junir Parker.jpg.jpg

junior parker
"MYstery Train"

bino blues band The Doors.jpg

The Doors
"Roadhouse Blues"

bino blues band Arthur Crudup.jpg
bino blues band Ray Charles.png
bino blues band Johnny Cash.jpg

Arthur Crudup
"It's All Right Mama"

Ray Charles
"I Got a Woman"
"Mess Around"

Johnny Cash
"Folsom Prisom Blues"
"Ring On Fire"

bino blues band Robert Johnson.jpg
bino blues band Jesse Fuller.jpg

Robert Johnson
"Sweet Home Chicago"

Jesse Fuller
"San Francisco Bay Blues"

bino blues band Jimmy Cox.jpg

Jimmy Cox
"Nobody Knows When You are
down and and ouT" 

Junior Parker - Mystery Train
The Doors - Roadhouse Blues
Arthur Crudup - That-s All Right (original version)
Ray Charles - I got a woman
Ray Charles - Mess Around
Johnny Cash - Folsom Prison Blues (Official Audio)
Johnny Cash - Ring of Fire
Robert Johnson - Sweet Home Chicago
Jesse Fuller - San Francisco Bay Blues
Jimmy Cox - Nobody Knows You When You-re Down and Out

"Bino" Alberto Fabi - acoustic guitar, vocals
Filippo Poderini - electric guitar
Andrea Matteaggi - bass
Alessio Boncompagmi - drums

01 Mystery Train 03:04
02 Roadhouse Blues 04:01
03 That's All Right Mama 02:24
04 I Got a Woman 04:11
05 Man of Constant Sorrow 05:52
06 Folsom Prison Blues 02:44
07 Sweet Home Chicago 03:57
08 Mess Around 03:02
09 San Francisco Bay Blues 03:10
10 Nobody Knows When You Are Down and Out 03:39
11 Ring of Fire 03:23

bino blues band 1.png
bino blues band 1.png
bino blues band 2.png.png
bino blues band 3.jpg
TXTBINO (3).png


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