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B L U E S   T A L E S  

B I G  W A T E R


they are :     Przemek Sluzynski- bass  /  Maciej Sobczak - guitar, vocals  /  Amadeusz Kuba Majerczyk - drums

Additional musicians:

Agnieszka Kowalczyk - electric cello (Tracks 1,8)
Andrzej Kubiak - drums (Tracks 3,4)
Jasiu Siemienas - slide guitar (Track 3)
Jacek Piskorz - piano (Tracks 5,12)
Michal Sluzynski - vocals (Track 11)
Bartek Szopinski - Hammond (Track 11)


01 Are You Not Yet Satisfied 04:26
02 Thin Line 04:30
03 Dirty Dog 04:08
04 Silly Blues 03:54
05 Blues Nova 04:33
06 Johnny and Annie 04:00
07 Rattlesnake 05:03
08 Lavender 05:07
09 Package 03:27
10 Country Boogie 04:02
11 Last 04:19
12 New Yorker 04:40
13 Stones In My Passway 02:56






Listen to samples - Big Water - Blues Tales
00:00 / 09:00

The recording sessions took place from August 2022 to April 2023.

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B   L   U   E   S       I   N       P   O   L   A   N   D

T H R E E   C O N T E M P O R A R Y   B A N D S

Two Timer

from 2012 - Poznam

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Blues Fighters

from 2021 - Poznam


Blue Wave Band

from 2003 - Poznam

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Przemysław Ślużyński has been playing the blues since the late 1970s and was the founder in 1984 of Wielka Łódź Blues Band, one of the pioneering blues bands in Poland. Maciej Sobczak has played guitar with the bands Hot Wate since 1990, with whom he recorded four albums, and more recently Boogie Chilli, with two albums released. With this background, both musicians have pooled their experience as blues musicians and have formed the band Big Water together with drummer Amadeusz Kuba Majerczyk and have just released their first album "Blues Tales". It consists of thirteen songs in which one listens to restrained blues-rock and classic blues, close-up guitars and bewitched voices, string arrangements and B3 surround. This is an album born of experience when coupled with illusion, a modern old school vision. From Robert Johnson to Eric Clapton, a long time passed, the blues became professional and white people began to make money, but it also reached all corners of the world. This Polish band draws on all those sources.

For thirty years Poland has stirred up a continuously growing blues scene, clubs are a tradition in the country giving visibility to the large group of bands and artists that keep active the many blues fans aficionados. Poland is the post-communist country in which the blues has been introduced with more force and is even among the most dynamic in Europe. Since the mid-nineties, the city of Poznań has been the original nucleus of a movement of musicians, fans, clubs and promoters who have managed to bring blues music out of ostracism to earn a reputation among a more willing and receptive public. Since 1981, the Rawa Blues festival has been held annually in the town of Katowice, consolidating itself as one of the most notorious blues festivals in Europe. Also since 2000 the magazine "Twój Blues" has been published, recognized by the Blues Foundation with the Keeping the Blues Alive in 2011, whose readers recognize the best of Polish blues every year in various sections with an annual participation of around fifty artists.

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