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big chico

blues is a carnival

Cover Big Chico - Big Chico Plays Rod Pi

big chico


rod piazza

Self Released - 2021

Release date: April 9, 2021



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01 Telephone Blues 05:27
02 Harpthrob 03:20
03 Moving In A West Coast Way 04:08
04 Soul Monster 03:39
05 Good Morning Little School Girl 04:26
06 Rocking Robin 02:16
07 Diamonds At Her Feet 03:14
08 Thats It 03:11
09 Murder In The First Degree 04:47
10 Snap Crackle Hop 01:49
11 4811 Watsworth 05:25


Big Chico - harmonica, vocals
Ramon Del Pino - bass
Marcelo Formiga - drums
Bruno Mothe - guitar

Big Chico - Big Chico Plays Rod Piazza
00:00 / 41:45
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previous albums releases

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the eleven tracks are from :

01 Telephone Blues – from album “Grease One For Me” (1970) 02 Harpthrob – from album “So Glad To Have The Blues” (1988) 03 Moving in a West Coast Way – from album “Keepin’ It Real” (2004) 04 Soul Monster – from album “Soul Monster” – (2009) 05 Good Morning Little School Girl – from album “Keepin’ It Real” (2004) 06 Rocking Robin – from album “Harpburn” (1986) 07 Diamonds at Her Feet – from album “Live At BB King’s Blues Club, Memphis” (1994) 08 That’s It – from album “Almighty Dollar” (2011) 09 Murder in the First Degree – from album “Live At BB King’s Blues Club, Memphis” (1994) 10 Snap Crackle Hop – from album “Thrill Ville” (2007) 11 4811 Watsworth – from album “California Blues” (1997)  


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Talking about blues harmonica in Brazil is talking about Big Chico. Born in Cananeia and currently living in Jundiai (Sao Paulo), this harmonica player, guitarist and singer is at the forefront of Brazilian blues music along with others iluminated such as Artur Menezes, Gustavo Andrade, Igor Prado, Nuno Mendelis or Celso Salim. Big Chico spent two years on the west coast of the United States, where he met Rod Piazza among others blues musicians, playing with him and immersing himself in the context of the jump blues, the blues particular sound in that area of ​​the States. With the Mighty Flyers he recorded the album "Blues Dream" in 2006, being one of the best blues albums ever released by a Brazilian blues musician. Showing his admiration and paying his debts to the iconic Californian hamonicist, in "Big Chico Plays Rod Piazza" Chico reviews his discography from 1970 to 2014, with eleven covers of enviable purity and versatility, only backed by a guitarist and a bass and drums rhythm section, showing himself not only as a great instrumentalist and singer but also as one of the finest blues musicians outside the United States. This is a supreme work.



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